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BRIAN FORD Instructional Books
Beginner & Intermediate Level

1. 4/4 – 12/8 Rhythm Study #1

2. 4/4 Rhythm Solo

3. Introduction to Drumset Time Patterns

4. Introduction to Drumset Independence

5. Primary Time Patterns: Jazz Independence in 4/4 and 3/4

6. Primary Time Patterns in Rock, Jazz, and Latin Styles

7. Progressive 3 Step Approach for Learning Basic 
    Rock, Jazz, and Latin Time Pattern

Advanced Level

8. Application of Ghosted Snare Drum in Rock Style

9. Open and Closed Hi Hat in Rock Style

10. Two Note Bass Drum Rhythm Study in Rock Style

11. Expanding Bass Drum Independence in Rock Style

12. Advanced Drum Set Lessons in 
      Rock, Funk, Jazz and Latin Styles

Throughout my teaching career, I have developed a curriculum which includes numerous drum set books covering rock, jazz and Latin styles. What makes my curriculum unique is it presents a teaching method where students systematically develop drum set independence applicable to different styles of music. This curriculum has been instrumental in helping my students to achieve a level of post-high school musical success that includes being accepted into top music colleges such as North Texas State and Northern Illinois Universities. 

Taking private lessons will help any student perform at a higher level in their school band programs. But most importantly, even if a student decides not to pursue a career in music, studying throughout their middle and high school years will develop self-discipline, foster the ability to set and achieve goals, and most importantly, will help them to develop the ability to work and interact with peers in a creative environment.

If you are interested in private percussion lessons, at Pacetti’s Maestro music store in Kenosha, Wisconsin please feel free to contact me for more information. Flexible scheduling and payments plans are available to accommodate busy schedules. 
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